NMRA LCC Demo Layout Videos

The LCC Demo Layout was on display at the Amherst Model Railroad Show in January 2016. If you watch the signals you can see that they change to green just about as the train approaches them, then red, then yellow. (very short mainline) If you look closely you can also see the Church Street crossing gate flashers start up at about the same time. If you look very closely you can watch the distant signal and crossing flashers at Bridge street. (via their reflections)

LCC Video #1

This second video taken of the Bridge Street crossing shows one of the 4 RR-CirKits Tower-LCC nodes that were controlling the layout's turnouts, signals, and crossing flashers. A fifth node was located in a stand alone control panel, the back of which may be seen at the furtherest corner.

LCC Video #2

The panel is built into an extra depth Wallmart picture frame suspended from a screw on the Lexan sides. The crossing gate logic was complicated by the fact that both crossings had turnouts in them. A train approaching a Stop signal due to turnout position does not trigger the flashers until the turnout position is cleared.

All the LCC components were attached on the outside of the layout's Lexan sides where viewers could see them. The attached computers (for example the Raspberry Pi seen to the left of the Barrel Factory) were for remote monitoring and/or turnout control only. All the signaling and crossing flasher logic is running in the I/O nodes themselves.